Friday, May 16, 2008

Let's send some mail!

Josh is finally getting to the home stretch of his deployment! Let's help him keep his morale up by sending him lots of mail. Getting mail is one of the things that always cheers him up over there - so let's keep it coming! Just a quick note to say hello or to let him know what's happening at home would be great. His address is listed below. He also mentioned that there is a shortage of soap and shaving cream over there right now, so if anyone is looking to send something to the troops, I'm sure Josh would be happy to pass it out to the other guys (I think he's pretty well set for now).

CPT Joshua Romano
HHC 244th AVN

Thank you for your support!
Sarah and Laura and Andy

Monday, October 8, 2007


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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


*Edited 9/30/07 Updated address is listed below. This will be the permanant address to use for the rest of the deployment. Anything sent to the old address will still get to Josh!

The pictures below are from Kuwait. I'll post pics from Iraq as soon as Josh is able to send some!

Josh arrived safely in Iraq last week. He is settling in and doing well. He is sharing a room with two other soldiers, Rod and John. He asked me to let everyone know that he is not able to access his Lunenburg High email account while in Iraq, so anyone who would like to email him can use this address:

Josh has a birthday coming up in the beginning of October, if anyone would like to send him a card, his address is:

Captain, Romano, Joshua
HHC 1-181 IN UNIT# 42221
APO AE 09342

Also, anyone can drop off cards or letters at Romano's Market and Josh's mother will be happy to put a package of cards together to mail out all at once.
I've heard that people are having trouble leaving a comment on this site. I finally figured out how to change the settings, so now anyone should be able to leave a comment without creating a google account. Just click on 'comments' at the end of the post and click on 'anonymous' and then you can leave a comment.

Thanks for checking in on Josh!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Josh is now in Kuwait, getting ready to head into Iraq soon. They'll spend a week or two training in Kuwait, getting adjusted to the time change and learning more about their mission in Iraq. The flight there was long and Josh didn't get much sleep, so when I talked to him yesterday he was very ready for a good night's sleep! He said it's incredibly hot, but their tents are air conditioned, so that helps. I'll post his address again so everyone can get some mail out to him! I'm hoping if we send things now they'll arrive before he does - he said there's nothing worse than not having any mail when the delivery comes! Anyone who would like to send a care package, just remember not to send anything perishable or anything that won't tolerate the very high temperatures (no chocoalate!). You should also package anything that could be damaged by sand (photos, etc.) in a sealed plastic bag. Don't feel that you have to send a package, though, all Josh really wants right now is letters from home! Josh's mom is trying to get some Birthday cards and letters together to send as one big bunch for Josh's birthday in October. She wants to send them out within the next few weeks because the mail can be unpredictable overseas. Anyone who would like to participate can drop a card or letter off at Romano's Market and Sarah will take care of mailing them out. Thank you all for checking on Josh and keeping him in your thoughts and prayers while he is away. Please take a minute to leave him a message in the comments section here, once he has email access again he'll be able to check out the site (and maybe he'll leave a post for everyone!). Thanks again for stopping by!

Captain Joshua Romano
198 Signal BN
Unit 42064

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I just talked to Josh in New Jersey. He gave me his mailing address in Iraq, and said we can start sending mail now, and hopefully it will arrive before he does so he'll have something from home waiting for him. There isn't anything special that he needs right now, but he would love to hear from people at home! Last time he deployed, he really enjoyed getting newspaper clippings about the Red Sox and about things happening around town, and he loved getting pictures! Thank you for helping to keep his spirits up during his deployment! Scroll down to the last post to see lots of pics from New Jersey! The new address is below:

Captain Joshua Romano
198 Signal Bn.
Unit 42064

Monday, August 13, 2007

Josh is back in New Jersey after spending a few days at home on leave. He looked great and it was wonderful to see him! They will be finishing up their training at Fort Dix and heading for Iraq within the next couple of weeks. I will post Josh's new address in Iraq as soon as I have it. In the meantime, anyone who would like to can leave a comment here for Josh (just click on comments), or drop a letter off at his dad's store and we will send it to him as soon as we have an address. Thanks for checking on him!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Josh is doing well in NJ. He's looking forward to coming home for a visit sometime this month. Now that they've finished with their tactical training, he's working the night shift. He said he's learning a lot of Arabic and has also perfected starting an IV line. The television news program, Chronicle, came out to interview his unit, but Josh wasn't able to talk to them. I'll post when we find out when the segment will air. Thank you for checking in on Josh, and thank you for the mail you've been sending to him, it's a great morale booster! ~Sarah